Our Mission Statement

Flower City Cohousing Community is an intentional cohousing community in an urban setting, which values the sharing of resources, sustainability, and simplicity. We are committed to cooperation, consensus building, and diversity. In the larger community, we strive to be a socially and an ecologically responsible neighbor.

Our Plan

We are committed to living in the city of Rochester or an inner ring suburb. We envision 20 to 30 housing units. While the vision of our community is still in development, we are exploring owner-occupied duplexes, town houses, condo apartments, and co-ops. In a typical cohousing arrangement, units may be studios or 1–4 bedrooms in size, each with a full kitchen, bathroom(s) and living room. The Common House includes a large kitchen and multi-use room suitable for community dinners and meetings, as well as shared tools and equipment space, laundry room, guest rooms, rec room, library and more.

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