Benefits of Cohousing

  • Cohousing fosters a small village atmosphere where people build enduring friendships based on mutual respect and appreciation, help each other as needed, celebrate joys and sorrows as an extended family, and practice good conflict resolution skills in handling challenges.
  • Cohousing communities are ideal for all stages of life.
  • Young families thrive in a safe environment where children can be outside with others easily. Parents don’t always have to drive their children to play dates!
  • Children and adults with similar values live nearby and provide intergenerational friendship, nurturing, and other assistance.
  • Singles young and old enjoy an extended family just outside their door.
  • Infirmed community members and those who wish to “age in place” are surrounded by neighbors who notice and care, in a community that can organize and offer assistance. (Some communities even include a home health care provider as part of their membership, with that person’s patient load including cohousing residents.)
  • Cohousing contributes to a community’s attractiveness. Sometimes there are waiting lists for people wanting to join a cohousing community. Urban cohousing communities (including ours) attract people who had been living in the suburbs. Cohousing residents often get involved with the broader community in organized ways through their commitment to strengthening their urban neighborhoods.