What Does Cohousing Look Like?

Cohousing can take many forms. While we have not yet settled on a site, here are some designs and photos of other urban cohousing communities. And while not urban, Ecovillage in Ithaca is the closest cohousing community that you can check out for yourself. They welcome visitors; for more info contact them at Learn@EcoVillageIthaca.

Nevada City Couhousing's shared workshop

Photo courtesy of Cohousing Solutions

Nevada City Cohousing's shared facilities include a two-car garage space workshop, plus a carport for additional workshop storage.

Photo from Newberry Place Cohousing Community

Newberry Place, located in a residential urban neighborhood overlooking downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, has 20 units on one acre. Typically of cohousing, the parking is at one end to encourage interaction with neighbors as you pass porches and front doors.

Photo from FrogSong Cohousing

FrogSong Cohousing with tot lot in the center, Cotati, CA.

Photo from Swan's Market Cohousing

Swan's Market Cohousing is part of an award-winning, innovative mixed-used historic-preservation project in Berkeley.

Photo from Prairie Hill Cohousing

Prairie Hill Cohousing Site Plan, Iowa.

Photo from Germantown Commons

Germantown Cohousing Site Plan, Nashville.

Photo courtesy CoHousing Solutions

Stacked units with skylights on the roof.

Photo courtesy CoHousing Solutions

Porches and pathways encourage contact with neighbors and provide safe places for kids to play.

Photo courtesy CoHousing Solutions

"What I love about cohousing" exercise.

Photo courtesy CoHousing Solutions

Common house dining room, ready for a meal.