What’s It Like to Live in Cohousing?

Essie’s Trip to the ER

One night I crawled into bed about 1 a.m. Just as I nestled in, I felt a sharp pain under my left breast. I have a blocked circumflex artery that sometimes gives me angina, so I took a nitro. No pain in my arm, but the pain under my breast got worse and worse. Continue reading...

Cohousing Can Save Your Life

Architect Grace Kim’s TED 2017 talk is making news. “Cohousing is an antidote to isolation,” she said. “We will all experience loneliness at some point in our lives, but it doesn’t stem from being alone. It comes from a lack of connection.”

“Loneliness can be the result of our built environments, the very homes we choose to live in,” said Kim, who lives in cohousing she designed in Seattle. In a time when loneliness has been called a public health epidemic, with isolated individuals facing a higher risk of death, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

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Co-housing—Community at its Best

Erica Elliott, a long-time resident of The Commons in Santa Fe, NM, writes:

Back in 1991, I had never heard of “co-housing.” I was living with my two-year-old son outside of Santa Fe in a spacious house with beautiful views of the mountains. But something was missing. I felt lonely and disconnected.

Later that year, I heard about a group forming a co-housing community on the edge of Santa Fe called The Commons. I read up on co-housing and sensed this might be the perfect place for my son and me. I took the scary leap and bought one of the 28 lots to build my new home. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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Cohousing Residents Share Their Stories

In the space of one week last fall, Jane had knee surgery that landed her at home, mostly on her back, knee on ice; a toilet leaked into the first floor ceiling, leading to major repairs plus a new section of ceiling; and she and Mike discovered a bedbug infestation requiring their entire house and everything in it to be treated one day before the surgery.  Continue reading...

EcoVillage on YouTube

A new video about our closest sister cohousing community follows a Belgian couple moving in, and shows what life is like at EcoVillage in Ithaca. In French, with subtitles.

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