Is Grasspave in Your Future?

Quimper Village Cohousing in Washington State is under construction now, and their construction plan includes a very interesting product called Grasspave, which minimizes the need for additional storm water run-off systems while providing a very strong “road” for heavy vehicles when needed and creating more green space along the way.

Quimper Village detailed the role of Grasspave in their plan in their June newsletter. Click here to download a copy of the article in PDF format.

We Were On the Air!

People from all over the world called and texted their questions to Dyann (left front), John and Kathi when they were interviewed on the Earl Barnes (left rear) show on Rochester Free Radio June 12. Barnes invited us because he had visited cohousing in Europe while in the Army. Our members fielded questions about what cohousing is and invited people to attend an orientation so they could join us.

Barnes is the host of Caribbean Spotlight on the station, 106.3 FM. There was so much interest that he wants us back in August!

Join Us for Volunteer Gardening June 27

Enjoy gardening? Come enjoy working with and getting to know members of Flower City Cohousing Community while doing a good deed.  We have committed to weeding the special garden at the southwest corner of Goodman and Highland twice a month.  Newly planted, it already has some very competitive weeds that need to be tamed regularly.

Heidi led our first crew on June 10th, and Jane will be our work leader on Tuesday, June 27th, 9-11am. Please RSVP if possible in advance for the 27th to, or 585-315-2406, but you are welcome to just show up. Bring sunscreen, a hoe, gloves, water, knee pads, trowel — whatever you need to be comfortable weeding. You don’t have to be a member to participate.

News Flash: Community Makes us Happy!

It’ll come as no surprise to cohousers, but now science is confirming that community is a happier, more meaningful way to live.

An international study just published in the journal Social Indicators Research shows that  the people with the highest level of life meaning were women living in intentional communities, followed closely by men living in community. A second study focused on happiness, and the results were similar—people living in community consistently report being significantly happier than their non-communal counterparts.

Speakers at the national cohousing conference in May referenced this research, and now you can see details in this report from one of the scientists, just published by the Fellowship for Intentional Community:

Happiness in Communal Life: A Scientific Project

Photo courtesy of Fellowship for Intentional Community

Happiness starts young in community.
Some of the kids of Twin Oaks Community.

Climate-Leading Communities

Cohousing can be a lab for trying out the latest innovations to help us live lighter on the planet.

— Jenny of CoHousing Solutions & Coho/US

The goal of this year’s National Cohousing Conference was ambitious – building resilient, sustainable communities — yet I felt a universal reaching; so many of us wanting desperately to learn how to be even more climate conscious than we already are. Continue reading...

Field Trip to EcoVillage, Ithaca

There’s nothing like seeing a cohousing community first-hand. On Saturday, May 20, a group of our community members and friends drove together to visit EcoVillage in Ithaca.

EcoVillage is a well-established cohousing community (founded in 1991), and is one of the most successful in the country. You can learn more from their website (

Here are a few snapshots from our visit: