About Our Community

Flower City Cohousing Community—FC3 for short—is developing an intentional cohousing community in an urban setting. We value the sharing of resources, sustainability, and simplicity. We are committed to cooperation, consensus building, and diversity. In the larger community, we will strive to be a socially and ecologically responsible neighbor.

Our goal is to identify 20–30 core households by 2018 in order to create a multigenerational community with primarily owner-occupied units.

Our members include educators, retirees, business owners, artists, and others from diverse walks of life. We are gathering a community of singles, couples, and families. We value the ideals of cohousing for a multitude of reasons.

Cohousing Communities typically:

  • enable daily human contact without driving somewhere
  • feature amenities within walking distance
  • incorporate ecologically sustainable principles in design
  • provide exposure to diverse interests and ideas
  • include people nearby to care for each other when extra help is needed
  • share such items as seldom-used kitchen equipment, garden tools, art and recreation equipment, and musical instruments
  • foster aging in place and support for those with children or special needs
  • share meals together in the Common House on an opt-in basis two or three times per week

We anticipate opportunities for lots of spontaneous celebrations of life’s joys!

How can I tell if FC3 is right for me?

Click here to read a few questions that might help you sort it out quickly!

I’d like to meet your members!

We’d love that! Come to any of our Orientation Sessions — see our Events page for details — and meet us in person. For a quick introduction, visit the Meet Our Members page.

I’ve still got questions …LOTS of questions!

And we have answers!  Read our FAQ page.

Okay then. How do I get involved?

We thought you’d never ask! Click here for all the details.