How Do I Get Involved?

In general terms, there are three levels of involvement in the Flower City Cohousing Community, each described below.  Along the way, you are encouraged to join one or more committees to share in the work of creating our community.

Get Acquainted

Contact us to learn more about Flower City Cohousing Community. Email us at or call Jane at 585-315-2406 for details.  Once you understand the basics, you are considered an “Inquirer,” and you are invited to participate in any of our gatherings and work teams for up to four months.

Associate Membership

After four months you will be invited to have a conversation with us about your continuing interest, leading to a decision about whether to continue. If so, you can become an Associate Member for up to six months. Associate Members pay $10 dues per month, pay a one-time fee of $250 to assist with ongoing community costs, and are actively involved with development of our community.

LLC Membership

The final step is to become an LLC Member, which involves a second conversation whenever you’re ready within your six months as an Associate Member. Once again, if you and the current FC3 members agree about continuing the process, you will become an LLC Member. LLC Members currently pay a one-time fee of $1,000 that is invested in a capital fund, periodic assessments agreed to by the community as a whole to cover operating costs, and $10 monthly dues.


The work of developing our community is accomplished through the efforts of several committees, which include active Inquirers, Associate Members and LLC Members:

Bricks and Mortar
Zeroing in on our site, recommending professionals (architects, developers), working with cohousing consultants.

Finance and Governance
Meeting with lending institutions, researching financing methods used by other cohousing communities, overseeing governance, managing and reporting on financials.

Maintaining our website, communicating through social and public media, tracking membership.

Developing an action plan based on our research that would enable us to offer at least 20% of our units as affordable units.