Chris20160729-174108-- _MG_1651A western New York native who survived growing up in the snow belt south of Buffalo, Chris escaped to the Hudson Valley area and Connecticut as soon as she was old enough to shovel her way out. Happily retired after spending most of her working life in human resources, specializing in technical recruiting, she has lived in the Rochester area for about eight years.

Chris is devoted to her rescued dog Izzie, who spent the first six years of her life in a puppy mill as a breeder. Izzie was saved by Joyful Rescues and is Chris’s second rescued dog.

Another current passion is learning to play the ukulele — the emphasis is on learning, she says — playing with the Ukulele Orchestra at the First Unitarian Church in Rochester, and with a wonderful Rochester Ukulele Support Group generously hosted by Bernunzio’s Music Store. Her collection of ukuleles has grown to three, “although I’ve proven that buying more does not make you play better.”

Attending FC3’s first public information meeting in April 2015, Chris, who had read only a bit about cohousing, expected that about 10 – 15 like-minded people would show up. “Surprisingly, there were about 200! It was the best experience to feel so comfortable right from the start. It was like I found my people!” Her main involvement so far has been with the Bricks & Mortar and Affordability committees. “It’s been hard work but so rewarding,” she says. “I can’t imagine how wonderful moving in day will feel!”

“Working with other Flower City Cohousing Community members to build our community is both a passion and an unbelievable opportunity,” she says. “I feel very lucky to be part of this group. I’ve never been more inspired by a group of people than I am by FC3 members. While everyone’s background and personality is different, there is an astonishing similarity in recognizing how important a diverse and caring community is. Plus, we have a bunch of terrific cooks!”