LynnLynn lived in an urban retrofit cohousing community in Rochester in the late 1990’s called Community Now! It only lasted a few years, but “it was the best living situation I have experienced before or since,” she recalls. “We had a common house and community meals three times a week. We helped each other out with tasks such as driving to the airport and taking care of each other’s children and pets. We also celebrated life passages together as a community and supported each other through hard times. It was definitely a lot of work, but it was well worth it.”

When Community Now! ended, Lynn considered moving to a cohousing community in Vermont, but decided to stay in Rochester because of the many friends here. “I am so excited that FC3 was formed and look forward to living in cohousing once again,” she says.

Lynn grew up on a dairy farm in the Mohawk Valley, moved to Rochester after college and has lived here ever since. She’s the mother of three “amazing boys” — two in their 20s and one a teenager. The household also includes three cats — Miss Ohio, Lucy and Tiger, and a dog, Lola, who was rescued from a garbage dump in Puerto Rico, and now enjoys her daily walks in Corbett’s Glen.

After college, Lynn worked as a CPA (a background which currently benefits FC3, where she acts as treasurer) before deciding to stay home with her children. She ended up staying home with them for about 20 years, as the family made the decision to homeschool. “It was an amazing journey with the support of a wonderful homeschooling community,” Lynn says. Now her work entails helping individuals with developmental disabilities. “It’s extremely rewarding work; I love helping families choose the services that they need to support them to live meaningful lives. (In The Drivers Seat is a great resource:”

Lynn enjoys knitting and is passionate about home schooling, home birth and home funerals. As a Home Funeral Guide, she educates and consults with families who want to care for their loved ones after they’ve died. ( Two of her children were born at home, and she supports women to have home births by acting as a birth doula, renting a birth tub, and organizing a home birth circle. (see Rochester Birth Network:

A vegetarian who prefers to buy local, Lynn loves going to farmer’s markets year-round. She loves Rochester “because it has so many things to do all of the time — great movie theaters such as the Little, the Dryden and the Cinema and wonderful film festivals, as well as the great music venues and restaurants.” Dogtown and The Red Fern are two of her favorites.