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In the space of one week last fall, Jane had knee surgery that landed her at home, mostly on her back, knee on ice; a toilet leaked into the first floor ceiling, leading to major repairs plus a new section of ceiling; and she and Mike discovered a bedbug infestation requiring their entire house and everything in it to be treated one day before the surgery.  Horrors!!  But friends from the Flower City Cohousing Community came to the rescue, taking turns keeping the ice supply fresh and spirits high post-surgery, whenever Mike was at meetings. And this even before we live together on a site! “This is only one example of the many reasons cohousing makes sense to us,” says Jane.

Other cohousers share their stories at the national cohousing web site. For example, Terri Hupfer of Pleasant Hill Cohousing likes the support and friendship of neighbors the best. “You get to relax and read a book for an hour while your neighbor takes all the boys on a long bike ride,” she lists. “Your neighbor not only comes over to help you clean and cook the fresh trout your son has brought home, but he helps pull out the bones and sits down to eat it with you.”

The late, dearly missed Joani Blank of Swan’s Market Cohousing asked, “Where else could I get someone to take a splinter out of my finger at 7:30 in the morning?” and said, “No more special trips all the way home for five minutes just to feed the dog!”

Rob Sandelin from Sharingwood in Washington State recalled a summer evening when he noticed a new bandage on his daughter’s elbow. “She had been playing on the other side of the community and had fallen down. A neighbor heard her crying, comforted her, brought her in and cleaned her up, bandaged the small scrape, fed her some cookies and juice, and sent her off, good as new. I never even knew about it until I saw the bandage… exactly what I would have done.”

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